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Penn College is an online learning facility offering state of the art courses in dentistry, business and innovation. They are committed to excellence in education, with the goal to teach their students to think differently, giving them skills to set them apart from the crowd.

They needed an education website which would mirror their cutting edge approach to online education, inspiring and instilling trust in potential students. It needed to serve as a resource for information on the courses offered (not just course content but the nitty gritty details too) and provide students with the ability to enrol online.

education website

We completed a fully responsive education website for Penn College which mirrors their cutting edge approach to learning, inspiring & instilling trust in potential students

The site incorporates the Axcelerate student software management system as well as the Moodle open source learning platform both of which were functional requirements to meet the college’s needs to be a world class online facility.

The Moodle integration allows Penn College to develop a robust education resource, with students able to access information through a personalised online learning environment as they wish. Developing the Axcelerate API and incorporating it into the site allows online payments as students enrol and for administration staff to easily manage all aspects of the RTO (registered training organisation). Nice.

api integration

The two biggest hurdles for any company building a web site are both content based and we see this all too often: images and copy. Penn had the copy side covered as they’re educators, and a lot of the information was course specific which relied on SMEs (subject matter experts). They did however need some help on the image front.

We sourced imagery and video from a variety of resources which resonate with the Penn College brand and ensure they elicit the appropriate emotional response from prospective students: young, innovative, bright and passionate. These images really bring the site to life, and help potential students imagine themselves being a part of the extended Penn community.

college website

The colour palette references the brand’s colours in a refined way. We’ve taken the bright blue and yellow and toned it down a little to create a calm and professional vibe. This is reinforced with custom icons and subtle design touches which pull all the elements together and make the site as a whole feel cohesive.

Penn College’s new website reflects the core values of the brand and is a vital tool for the success of the facility. We have no doubt that they will become a big name – just try and look through the site without being inspired to start studying again.

education web design

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