Petty Cash Cafe

Stepping outside the studio and walking down a local inner west street, one can pass several cafes in a mere block. By no way is this a complaint but it always piques our interest when we find a cafe that is doing things a little bit different from the norm. And we’re great fans of doing things a little differently.

Petty Cash Cafe

EVERYTHING (except the bread) at Petty Cash Cafe is homemade. Even the condiments – including honey. If that’s not a reason to visit we don’t know what is

Petty Cash is one shining example of doing things a little differently, and lucky for us, they are just a stone’s throw away! On a sunny corner opposite Enmore park is where you’ll find themand their rockabilly/nanna interior. But this is not what sets them apart. What sets them apart is the fact that EVERYTHING (except the bread) is homemade. We’re talking jams, relishes, dressings, mayonnaise, mustard, hollandaise, tarts, sausage rolls, lemonade, banana bread and cakes – all homemade. Even the honey is made at the owners home by their family of bees.

We think it’s great that they’ve decided to take a little extra care and attention and provide their customers with high quality produce, rather than potentially taking an easier or more cost-effective route and is something other businesses should perhaps consider doing too. Did we mention that the cafe also provides blankets and trays so you can take your order and sit in the park and enjoy the sunshine – perfect for those with children!

Peckish? Head to the Petty Cash Cafe Facebook for more info on opening hours and updates. Their Instagram is updated regularly with hunger inducing photos of all the things they serve.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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