PJ Ama Illustration & Swing Tags

Imagine if pyjamas didn’t exist. We think this would be bad for two major reasons.

One, the Bananas in Pyjamas would just be the Bananas. The Bananas who were notoriously put away for being very inappropriately unclothed around young children even.

PJ AMA Swing Tag Illustration

The pyjama pants are hand made with colourful patterns from East Africa, they needed beautiful swing tags to stand up to the quality of the product itself.

We don’t know about you, but we definitely prefer them in pyjamas. We don’t know what’s going on behind those striped flannel extravaganzas, and our love for the show hinges on the fact that we will never know.

Two; isn’t there something great about having an outfit just dedicated to sleep? You’ve got your heels for crazy nights out and your multi-coloured golfing pants for long days on the green. Which speaking of, must be the rich old man’s version of killer high heels.

But we think it makes sense that men who dress in monochrome suits five days of the week want to break out and go a little wild on the weekends. But then when you slip into your dear comfy pyjamas, you know you’re for some sleeping times, arguably the funnest times of them all, depending on your tiny baby count.

If you work from home, or you’re of a sickly demeanour, you’ll know that your pyjamas can get a work out.

Sometimes you may spend weeks upon weeks in them. That’s why you need some quality goods.

We think PJ Ama might have a little of what you need. We designed and illustrated these swing tags for the brand, to reflect the individuality and of each pyjama pant that they create.

branding Sydney
The pyjama pants are made by hand with colourful patterns imported from East Africa, so they needed something really beautiful to stand up to the quality of the product itself.

In these pyjamas we can promise you will be the best dressed person in your bed tonight.

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