Pop Plant

Here at IYBI there’s nothing we like more than when a business gets inventive (not to mention creative) to make something that is functional, resourceful and is good for you. Pop Plant ticks all the boxes. In 2012, Andy Walker and Gabriella Holland began using disused coffee cups as casts to make pot plants out of common and re-usable materials like concrete. The result? Eye catching pop plants for city dwellers as a way to brighten their homes and make them feel better. The range has expanded since to use other materials and designs and are perfect for compact spaces. We love the simplicity and naturalness of the design that contrasts with bright pops of colours that trademarks these planters. Who could resist having these in their home especially since they’re easier to look after than fish. They are stocked in a few speciality shops around Sydney and Melbourne as well as at pop up events and markets.

Pop Plant

Pop over to Pop Plants’ website for information on stockists (in which they’ve done us all a favour by mentioning what each stockist stocks) and to see their full range. They are most prolific on Facebook where they mention where they’ve been mentioned as well as any news on events or new stockists. Their Instagram also boasts some lovely photos of the range.


by Jaime MacMillan

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