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We only know a few people who don’t like chocolate, and if we’re honest, we have to say we don’t like them. We think they’re suspicious characters who must be hiding something.

Chocolate lovers on the other hand, are decent, salt of the earth types, who are loving life, and living life to fullest, whilst feeling so alive. That’s definitely how we feel when we’re eating chocolate anyway.

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We didn’t make any chocolates for Princess Coco Chocolaterie, we did their website for them instead.

Certainly, chocolate can be a balm for those off days when life just isn’t going as planned, but doesn’t that make it even better? There for you when you’re up, there for you when you’re down, even there when you’re just a little peckish at three in the afternoon.

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As chocolate lovers, sometimes we find ourselves wondering whether we could make a go of being chocolatiers.

Is there any lady who has watched Chocolat and not wanted to run off to a little town in France, make chocolates sensuously in yellow heels and possibly even fall in love with Johnny Depp? We think it would be difficult to find one.

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We also think that it might possibly take a lot of skill to be a chocolatier, skills we don’t currently possess.

Skills we do definitely possess are design skills, which is why we didn’t make any chocolates for Princess Coco Chocolaterie, and did their website for them instead.

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by Radi Safi

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