Private Practice of the Public Artist Catalogue

Private Practice of the Public Artist  (PPoPA for short) is Willoughby City Council‘s major art exhibition for 2014. Known for their vibrant and active arts program, Willoughby Council run shows year round in their three arts spaces (Incinerator Arts Space, Arts Space on the Concourse and Foyer Exhibition Space) and once a year hold a major exhibition designed to draw the attention of the wider public. IYBI is a huge supporter of the arts so it was a privilege to collaborate with Willoughby Council on the event branding and catalogue design for this upcoming exhibition.

We have a long standing relationship with Willoughby and were involved with the rebrand for biannual event Willoughby Sculpture Prize in 2013. Private Practice of the Public Artist offers a peek behind the curtain, displaying the private works of eight artists well known for their public pieces.

PPoPA Exhibition Catalogue

We designed a foldable catalogue for PPoPA which compliments the concept of the exhibition and showcases both the public and private works of the artists

The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the prolific amount of public art in the North Shore area, showcase the private works and to create interest and promote attendance for the Beyond the Face of Public Art Symposium which is being run in conjunction.

The branding for the event included designing of the logo, a tent fold invitation, an array of advertisements for both print and web, and a cross fold A2 catalogue. The catalogue was to be handed out to exhibition attendees, giving them information not only about the private works shown, but also about the public works and the concept behind the exhibition.

exhibition catalogue

As the exhibition has such an original concept, the organisers wanted something other than a standard saddle stitched catalogue. We suggested something that would evoke a sense of exploration and discovery. The answer was a catalogue in the form of a traditional map fold.

It was printed on an A2 sheet and  folded down to the more manageable A5 size. The layout is designed so that the information which will be needed while on the move is the most accessible – in this case a map of the local area and a key showing the locations of all of the public pieces.

The second reveal contains images of each of these works so that you can identify the piece when you find it. An exhibition introduction and essay by the event organisers completes the spread, giving valuable insight and understanding.

Pamela See
When the catalogue is fully unfolded, you can read about each artist individually, and the ideas and themes behind their work.

Both a continuation and expansion of the PPoPA brand, the catalogue is a take home keepsake and record of the exhibition. It gives the viewer all of the information they could want, presented in an interactive and original format.

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