Here in the IYBI office we love a good juice. It’s certainly a great alternative to having yet another coffee. We’ve also noticed just how popular the humble juice has become.

In light of this we’ve come across a burgeoning juice business that’s made delicious drinks their business.


With emphasis on sustainable practices and healthy living, Prodjuice have created a range of delicious cold pressed juices and cleanses for Australians

Not only do they promote the health benefits of adding juice to your life, they’re also a business with a thoroughly green edge- and we’re not talking about the kale. Northern Beaches business Prodjuice creates delicious cold pressed juices.

Cold pressed juice you ask? Cold pressing is a slow and gentle process where fruit and vegetables are slowly pressed between two plates to release natural juice and nectar that retains all the nutrients that can get lost in other juice collecting methods – so this juice is extra good for you.

Prodjuice is sold in a variety of delicious flavours which are a good addition to your existing balanced diet, and a great way to get all the nutrients and vitamins that you need. But the juice power doesn’t stop there, because Prodjuice also offer juice cleanses where you can have a tasty and healthy detox to address any imbalances in your body.

What we love about this business in addition to all the tastiness, is the fact that they have managed to make their business virtually waste free, by recycling their glass bottles and encouraging their customers to do the same. Plus, all the scraps from their juice making is composted or put on top of their worm farm. We’re big fans of sustainability and really shouldn’t all businesses aim to incorporate it in to their day to day runnings?

Worked up a thirst? Head to the Prodjuice website to look at the range of their yum juices, make an order or check out stockists. Their Facebook and Twitter pages are a hive of juicy news and activity, while their Instagram will make you want to put down the cake and pick up the juice.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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