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Realty Story is a niche real estate company located on Queensland’s Gold Coast who specialise in renting and selling properties to foreign investors that don’t currently live in Australia. They even offer their services in three languages – English, Russian and Chinese.

We generally make it a rule to complete both the web design and web development for all of our projects, but when Realty Story came to us we liked their concept and agreed to the challenge of our first multi-regional site.

real estate website

Our first multi-lingual web site is for Realty Story who came to us for the web development of their site from an existing design. We now know Russian!

For a real estate business, having a site which works perfectly is essential. When looking for property people tend to look in many places at once, so if they land on your site and something doesn’t work, they will move on to a site which provides them with a better experience.

All website builds have different requirements and therefore different challenges. Development is all about finding solutions for these which follow the design and also provide the desired function. Real estate websites have a specific set of challenges, the major one being custom search fields and results.

multi lingual web design
Our main challenge with this project was the fact that it needed to be bi-lingual without losing anything in translation. With a large portion of Realty Story’s clients being native Russian speakers, the site needed to be able to translate into Russian with the click of a button.

With a degree of creative thinking (and the assistance of a fluent Russian speaker), we are proud to say that the final site switches between languages seamlessly. We have brought Realty Story’s design to life, ensuring that it works exactly as it’s intended, and delivers a glitch-free experience for all users.

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