Recruitment in the land of DPM

The promise of fresh meat is as exceptionally glorious as glorious can be. And you know what? Finding agraphic design job in Sydney is no easy task… Think Julie Andrews and these are a few of my favorite things and you’ll be close to how we feel at the prospect of new and improved youngling recruits fresh for the chopping board. It’s a tough process for all involved and does make for a harrowing few days in the studio as these ghosts float in and out for 45 minutes each. Most, we’ll never see again. One may very be here for the next 5 years and make equity partner* We’ve learnt over the years that there are a few categories of applicants. There are the people who decided to have a quick drink to calm their nerves. Surprisingly, their usually worthy candidates and took the overwhelming emotional rollercoaster (which undoubtedly takes over) into their own hands via a cab sav. You can always tell. Then there’s the exceptionally young younglings who somehow slipped through the cracks and can’t believe they’re sitting in front of you. They arrive 20 minutes early and they wear a suit and have a case of nervous leg or twitching eye lid. Sometimes, they don’t even remember the ad because they’ve been blindly and systematically applying for positions for the last 24 months. They ALWAYS know they haven’ t got the job and they ALWAYS ask what it is that they could do next time. We just smile politely and say be yourself.

It’s a fun and powerful exercise in which hopefully everyone takes something away from. And kids, we’ve only ever had one person know the PMS for 292 so don’t sweat it.

*Management will not be held to the notion of equity partnership.


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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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