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A roaring example of successful crowd funding is the Rising Sun Workshop. The communal motorcycle garage in Newtown has everyone talking for good reason – they have an incredible amount of good ideas!

Built on a crowd funding platform by amazing conveners Nick smith and Adrian Sheather, they have brought together an epic team. They include bakers, coffee connoisseurs, and, of course, Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Read about the team on their site, and you won’t be surprised that such a cool concept has such groovy people behind it.

motorcycle workshop

A motorcycle workshop that boasts ramen, coffee and baked goods, Rising Sun Workshop is a triumph of the crowd funding model

Pozzible (the platform used by RSW) has heaps of cool sustainable ideas which have a range of supporters. Community investment has been especially topical for the entrepreneur since 2008 when the GFC really forced people to start thinking in ever more flexible ways.

So what is Rising Sun Workshop?

The primary offering of Rising Sun Workshop is the space to build and work on projects for motorcycle enthusiasts. There are three levels of membership for the enthusiast; Apprentice, Master and Masterless.

All three levels require an hourly rate, top tier memberships receiving discount. The hourly rate is super generous already, and the return on the community investment is huge. Motorbike riders living in the city are just as time and space poor as the rest of us. Here they can book bays via an hourly rate from the RSW site, or drop in.

If there’s no room for projects at that time they can move on to their other offerings! Primarily these consists of some of Ramen, coffee and baked goods, all of which have the instagram and book-of-face buzzing. Check it out whether you’re a rider or a just a coffee plebeian like us! As they say “The Cafe and retail offers an added revenue stream that is also aligned with philosophies around community and collaboration, and when successful will ensure the workshop remains affordable for workshop user”.

Their digital site and platforms are wicked, featuring cool graphics, updates and loads of personality. Check out their important updates like this one to ensure you’re staying in the loop. They’re active on the twittersphere and send out specials and cool deals such as their Weekend Raman Bonus, where you shout a cool line “Someone throw me a bone!” to receive an extra sumthin’ sumthin’ (roasted bone marrow topping perhaps).

The team have brought all the professional and street cred one could possibly muster, and it’s not surprising to see so many different facets of the ball of communal energy that Rising Sun Workshop is. The story of the Rising Sun Workshop is invigorating, and they’re not squeamish about the challenges they had to, and will, face.

The pop up faces heaps of change in the future, but these guys have already shown they’re well grounded and adaptable enough for any situation. Follow their social media for all their cool upcoming projects, partnerships, collaborations and parties. Pledgers and supporters can get involved directly from their website.

If you’re interested definitely check them out, or if you have some ideas you want to get off the ground start poking around crowd funding platforms. You never know what could happen. Lets hope this inspires others ands invigorates the community, industry and the stubborn Marrickville council!

The Rising Sun workshop is currently in a pop up space around the corner from the delicious Mary’s, Cnr of Mary and Lennox, hopefully securing a place within the coming months as the Marrickville Council considers their proposal.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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