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Having consistently successful projects often leads to us building lasting relationships with clients. Why work with anyone else if we keep getting it right? Phil Antonios of Pharaohs Developments is a perfect example. We’ve worked on many elements of his ever expanding business portfolio, including the branding for Vogue Kitchens and Joinery, and because we have the track record to prove it, Phil is able to rest easy knowing the consistent quality that underpins our work.

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With this property development naming and branding project we developed an appealing and concise brand identity that has clear intent and will be appreciated by investors, residents and the community alike.

Pharaohs Developments, a property development business based in Syndey, came to us with a new project that required positioning which included naming and branding. It was a new apartment block in Sydney’s Inner West. They needed the naming and branding to appeal to a wide demographic across both home owners and the buy-to-let market. The first stage was to develop a name for the project, a potential landmark for the area. Property development naming and branding is a specialist area that we have a great deal of experience with.

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Knowing the importance of a good name when crafting a brand, we take a meticulous and methodical approach, with in depth research, mood boarding, and refinements. The key is having real intent behind the name – something we strive for every time. The chosen name was Riverdale Apartments – Not only did the name have to have an appealing look and feel, but it also needed a solid foundations, built on a vigorous research and development process.

The area of the building development is on the Cooks River watershed, and dale has strong connotations of nature and evokes feeling of community. Developing successful portmanteaus such as this can be a tricky business, and there’s often a lot of heated discussions in the studio when the team is working on such a project. As quantitive and methodical as we try to be, naming is also an art form, and some things are hard to quantify, such as the look and feel of a word or phrase. Riverdale Apartments has that all important balance to it.

Next, we needed to develop the brand and come up with an appropriate and effective logo. With property developments, it’s important to follow through the ‘look and feel’ of the name into the visual identity. In this respect, choice of font and typesetting are particularly important. The final logo, manages to keep a sense of authority and personality with the strong humanist font choice, whilst also referencing the natural aspects of the name in the logo mark, and keeping an overall understated but elegant aesthetic.

property development branding

In the end we developed an appealing and concise brand identity that has clear intent and will be appreciated by buyers, residents and the community alike. We also went on to develop more brand collateral, including a brochure, advertisements, and banners which we look forward to sharing once complete.

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