Salus Sports Case Study

Salus Sports is a fitness company and online retailer specialising in at-home exercise equipment. Their vision and focus is accessible fitness – the goal of overall body health and an optimistic life outlook, beginning at home.

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They came to us to develop a brand that would appeal to the everyday person who wants to improve their fitness levels. In short, it needed to be approachable, positive, encouraging and enthusiastic to assure correct market placement.

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A big part of any brand is the name. A great name conveys what you do, your placement in the market and your company philosophy in as few words as possible – it’s no wonder new business owners get stuck on it.

After extensive research and consideration we settled on the name Salus Sports. ‘Salus’ is a latin word meaning health and well-being which speaks of the companies intent, and sports defines their industry. The alliteration doesn’t hurt either.


While a brand encompasses the whole of your business, a big part of that is the visual elements which people will associate with you. While the biggest component is the logo, this also includes various collateral such as stationery, signage and advertising material.

For Salus’ brand, we wanted to capture the glowing feeling you get when you feel truly healthy and like you can do anything.

To do this in the logo, we developed a symbol incorporating rays of sunshine reaching out around the letter ‘s’. We reinforced the strong emphasis on positivity by utalising a buttery yellow which when combined with white really gives the impression of well-being and happiness.

Salus Sports’ logo is a visual interpretation of being healthy, feeling well, and spreading that positivity in your everyday life.

This concept was then rolled out across collateral for the business, where the strong graphic logo and colour scheme really stands out from the crowd.

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Now with a vibrant brand and clear point of view, Salus needed a way to emotionally engage their online customer base. The most well-known way to engage consumers is through physical contact – but how do you achieve the same connection online? With a human element.

It was clear to us that Salus needed a face for their brand. And not just any face – their face needed to embody the brand’s core values, allowing consumers to subconsciously visualise themselves in the same positive and healthy position.

We co-ordinated and art directed a full day photoshoot including talent sourcing and styling. The result was a series of lifestyle sequences, 18 different exercise positions and equipment detail shots for both of Salus’ flagship products (the Ultra-Plate and X-Lite 1 Treadmill).

The images really brought the brand to life, featuring heavily in the printed materials which accompany each equipment purchase, the eBay store and website. The brand is now about a person and a lifestyle, not just the products.

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eBay Store

Salus Sports’ chose eBay as their retail platform, and wanted their presence within the online giant to be as strong and professional as the rest of their offering. Giving their products the best possible spring board allows them to stand out in an established market.

Besides promoting the Salus brand, the store needed to instil immediate trust from potential consumers and encourage conversion.

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We are proud to say that the store proved so effective that within a week of the launch Salus completely sold out of stock. With exponential sales growth since, they have sold over 1200 units to date and have a 99.9% positive feedback rating.

A fully customised eBay store with every page designed to reflect the best of the brand’s values gives Salus a solid retail base. Extensive photographs and details of each product encourage consumer engagement and trust. They know exactly what they’re buying, eliminating the element of mistrust which often comes with a large online purchase.



It became apparent as Salus’ brand and customer base expanded that they needed an online base separate from eBay. eBay’s seller restrictions and insular nature make it hard for a retailer to develop direct relationships with their customers. As a big part of Salus’ philosophy is motivation and inspiration, being able to connect with their audience was very important.

Leveraging off the buzz and momentum from the eBay presence, the website gives potential and existing customers a way to connect with the Salus Sports brand and it’s products, sign up to their mailing list and access downloads and health tips. It’s also a way to direct organic traffic through to the eBay store, encouraging further sales.

Wanting to illicit the spacious and free feeling created through the lifestyle shots, we adopted a full screen layout for the website to take complete advantage of them. Full width content and large imagery give the site a modern and clean edge, with calls-to-action throughout directing users to the eBay store.

With a user-friendly CMS in place, Salus is able to share their wealth of health and fitness information through blog posts and instructional videos. The user manuals for each product are also available for download after purchase, and the versatility of the platform means that consumers can connect and learn more about Salus in a way they’ve been previously unable to do.

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Email Marketing

A great way to stay present in the minds of your consumers is to keep them updated on what you’re up to and provide them with a value add – that could be exclusive discount codes, a first look at new products or early access to sales. For Salus, their value-add is their extensive knowledge on health and fitness.

With this in mind, we designed them an email newsletter template which reflects their brand and values. Easily adaptable to the latest content, this serves as the perfect framework for them to promote their latest blog posts as well as motivational quotes and inspiration.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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