Salus Sports eBay Store

Salus Sports specialises in at-home exercise equipment for the everyday person who wants to make positive lifestyle choices. They are all about looking good and feeling great both inside and out – their name even means “inner well-being”.

We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Salus Sports since it’s inception in early 2013. In fact, we named them, branded them and did a photoshoot for them. Our latest project for Salus Sports is their eBay store.

Salus Sports Ebay Store

The eBay store designed for Salus Sports as a platform to sell their exercise equipment needed to be as polished and professional as the rest of their brand.

Salus Sports have chosen eBay as the platform to sell their equipment, and they want their store to be as polished and professional as the rest of their offering. The store has to enhance their presence within the online realtor and give them a competitive edge in an established niche market. They want to give their products the best possible backdrop to help them stand out from the crowd.

custom ebay store
The store needs to be professional, instil immediate trust from consumers and at the same time project Salus Sports’ brand traits of being active, positive and uplifting. Conversion is of the utmost importance – we want to encourage sales by creating a bond believe and faith between the brand and the consumer.

We gave Salus Sports a fully customized eBay seller store, with every page designed and modified to reflect their brand. The overall feeling is positive and friendly, which we achieved by making strong use of the images from the photoshoot among other things.

There is nothing like a human face to help consumers connect with a brand. The Salus model is bright and healthy, welcoming customers with open arms.

Salus Sports Ebay Seller Store
The photography is complimented by a clean design which displays a complex amount of information in an easy-to-digest way which will help Salus convert store visitors into consumers. Placing Call-To-Action’s at strategic points throughout the store mean that as you scroll through the product information an opportunity to bid or buy is never far away.

The finished product is a store with an approachable, positive vibe which appeals to the target market. It is supportive and encouraging, and conveys a sense of trust and self-empowerment.

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