Salus Sports UltraPlate Photoshoot

We’ve enjoyed a working relationship with Salus Sports since their initial branding and naming. Specialising in at-home exercise equipment, their vision is accessible fitness – the goal of overall body health and an optimistic life outlook, beginning at home. It’s about making positive lifestyle choices that then extends to the wider community.

With a new brand and a clear vision, Salus Sports now needed to find a way to emotionally engage customers with their products as an online retailer. In particular they needed a strategy to promote their flagship product, the Ultra Plate – a full body vibration plate designed to work muscles up to 5 times more efficiently.

fitness photoshoot

With a new brand and a clear vision, Salus Sports decided to use photography as a way to emotionally engage customers with their products

We all know that physical contact is one of the best ways to emotionally engage. Holding the puppy, test driving the car, trying on the watch…but how do you get emotional online?

lifestyle photoshoot
In the same way – with human contact. It was clear that a human face for the brand was needed. Not just a human face, but an accessible, healthy human, representing the core values of Salus Sports and allowing customers to visualise themselves in that same happy and healthy position.

instruction photo
We art directed the full day studio shoot for Salus Sports including sourcing the model and outfits. It was a tight schedule but in the course of 7 hourse we got outdoor lifestyle sequences, equipment detail shots for the Ultra Plate and Treadmill, and 18 exercise positions.

The final photos have been injected into the Salus Sports brand bringing it to life, from the eBay store to the 12 page User Manual and Exercise Poster customers receive with the purchase of the Ultra Plate. The result is a human touch and an idea of a lifestyle they are engaging with, not a punishing exercise regime. It’s a brand that’s no longer about the equipment, it’s about the person.

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