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We have been with Salus Sports right from the beginning with naming and branding, organising a photoshoot for their flagship product the Ultraplate and building their eBay store. The digital development around the eBay store was very successful and it’s an area we’re very interested in furthering our skills.

As the Salus Sports brand and customer base grew, a need to have a base external from eBay became very important. The insular nature of eBay and the restrictions imposed on stores make it difficult for sellers to develop relationships with their customers directly.

Salus Sports web design

As Salus Sports’ brand profile and customer base grew, they saw a website as an opportunity to capitalise on the buzz and momentum of their eBay store so we designed a web site to help them do just that

Leveraging off the buzz and momentum from the eBay platform, a vertical site would give potential and existing customers a way to connect with the Salus Sports brand and it’s products, sign up to their mailing list, access downloads, health tips and, for organic visitors, a click through to the eBay store resulting in further sales.

Salus Sports sends monthly EDM newsletters which link back directly to the web site’s blog with nutrition and fitness tips, workouts and motivation articles to subscribers. Owners Alex and Paul have over 40 years of experience in High Performance Sport and the Fitness Industry, and their expert advice is a true value add to customers. We wanted the web design to reflect as much of this intent and integrity as possible.

Salus Sports web design
Each article from the EDM needed to be somewhere, not to act as just a link but also as a hub of information for people wanting to know more about the Salus Sports brand. The articles would also double as SEO content to improve visibility and the all important Google ranking over time.

The website needed to offer something different to the eBay store, which is highly product driven and informative, encouraging customers to Bid or Buy. This site instead needed to be a ‘face’ for the brand with a strong emphasis on health, accessibility and warmth.

With CSS and layout restrictions on the eBay store it was a treat to be able to give the Salus Sports imagery and content the space it deserved, hence the full width content, abundance of lifestyle shots on the first reveal and a products carousel on the home page. On the first impression the viewer really can feel that they have landed somewhere special.

Salus Sports web design
A combination of icons and images as a secondary menu linking to different articles, downloads and exercise programs shows this brand’s generosity and willingness to share their knowledge.
Each product page provides essential information about the piece of equipment in question, giving the user everything that they need to make an informed decision, and a link through to purchase it on eBay. There is also a password protected download area for existing customers to download user manuals and exercise posters.

Salus Sports is a bold, confident and dynamic brand, always changing and improving. The website reflects the brands enthusiasm and ability to change in both form and function.

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