Smile Clothing

Businesses like Smile Clothing really excite us. They are clearly driven by a passion to make a difference which is achieved via a simple but brilliant method. We love simplicity. Their premise is to give first, wear second. So for every garment they sell, a t-shirt or uniform is donated to a child that is disadvantaged, either here in remote parts of Australia or around the world in countries such as Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Indonesia. Theirs is a socially conscious business model and we think they are a shining example to other start-ups. What we also love is that they are always setting goals and forever challenging themselves to do more and help more and again, should this not be the basis of every business? The clothing itself is of a high-standard, features beautifully made t-shirts, shorts and leisure wear that is simple and perfect for the Australian beach-side summer. And knowing that with every purchase you’re helping a young child to feel happy and secure through sustainable giving, you couldn’t ask for much more than that. Except a smile – there’s nothing nicer or simpler than a smile.

Smile Clothing

Want to start giving? Then get onto the Smile Clothing website to start shopping and giving all at the same time as well as learning more about their mission. Check out their Facebook for updates on all the good things Smile Clothing are doing in the world. Their Instagram is awash with beautiful photos of happy, smily children in their Smile Clothing gear.


by Jaime MacMillan

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