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For modern business, Social media marketing is as necessary as having a business card or H20. According to studies how ever, approximately 85% of people are still unsure how to effectively use social media, or what social media platform to use. If you are a business owner or about to become one, we don’t expect this to be your field of expertise. There is enough to juggle in a day, and that is why we are here.

We have the knowledge, the experience, and all the tools at our disposal to create outstanding Social Media campaigns that engage your audience, generate brand loyalty, raise your profile, drive traffic, and ultimately sales.

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Social Media Marketing provides a perfect opportunity to get the right message to the right people, at the right time. It’s time that we all embrace the fact that social media is the top internet activity. Consider that the average adult will spend up to 3 hours per day across various social networking platforms (the most popular platform being Facebook). This is great news for your business!

Listed below are some considerations we’ll need to talk about before we embark on on a social media campaign together.

Who is your target Audience and where are they?

With social media, it’s important to know who your audience is and what social media platforms they use. If you indiscriminately engage across all social media platforms, you could be wasting time and energy engaging with people who are unlikely ever to become your customers. With a bit of thoughtful market research, we can identify the most appropriate channels for a brand and direct all the effort accordingly. For example, Instagram is perfect for food brands, food photography is such a popular part of this network – however, if you are a door manufacturer Instagram may not be quite as appropriate. Social platforms like Instagram and Tumblr are undeniably a youth phenomenon, so may not be the best platforms for selling retiree holiday packages. A high proportion of big earners use LinkedIn, so if your in b2b and deal with high value assets – this could be the place to be.

social media marketing sydney

A Considered Approach

Your social media activity is as much a part of your overall brand identity as the logo. Any content posted online, whether it be original or sharing some existing content, becomes a part of the perceived character (brand identity) of the brand – and choosing the wrong trending content to share could have significant effects – if a post isn’t consistent with what followers expect from a brand, they can be very quick to disassociate themselves. With research is possible to get to know the character of your audience and the type of content and social media activity that they respond to.

Viral Reposts

It’s one of the most common, but most often misused aspects of social media marketing. To simply repost some already trending content in order to utilise it’s momentum (and increase your profile) sounds easy – and it is. But to do this well, takes a bit of thought and consideration. The tone of voice in accompanying comments is just as important as the content being reposted, and it’s important to develop and maintain an appropriate tone that your audience responds well to.

Personal Engagement

For many brands, personal engagement is a key element of any digital strategy, and it’s something many brands may be doing anyway, without even thinking of it as strategy – posting fun pictures of the team, pictures of a freshly made batch, a candid video of the manager singing along enthusiastically to Dire Straights – sharing these snippets of work life is beginning to seem just a natural part of business now. With food brands especially, customers love to see work in progress, and see the human side of things – having faces and characters to associate with a brand is often extremely important in maintaining a particular connection with your audience. Talking to your audience and in many cases potential audience has become a crucial part of running a business and our team has the experience to advise on strategies for undertaking digital engagement.

Original Content

Content is anything posted on the internet, from articles, pictures and videos – to games, quizzes, and promotions. Original content is a broad term, referring to content you have created (or appropriated and changed) and deciding what content to use involves many stages of research and discussion, and we work closely with each client individually to develop a successful digital strategy. Along with social media, we can incorporate the creation of rich, relevant content in order to attract and maintain a specifically defined audience, and ultimately convert this engagement into profitable results. Content Marketing is the art of communicating with customers without selling – instead of pitching products and services, brands provide information that enriches the audience, e.g. increasing their knowledge or makes them laugh. It’s been shown that if businesses consistently deliver valuable content to customers, they will be rewarded with custom and loyalty .

The beauty of good content marketing is that it keeps delivering. Rich, relevant content doesn’t stop being good, and so it can continue to drive business long after its birth into the online world. For many of our digital clients, Content Marketing plays a key role in their digital strategy campaign.

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Do I need to embark on social media campaigns?

I think it’s fairly clear by now that we would always answer this question with a resounding YES! We admit though that it’s a difficult thing to balance. We’ve been focusing on all the do’s, but there are many digital dont’s, too. The internet is about sharing information, not drowning your audience. You might have the most loyal consumer following your website and social media, but some mistakes are easy to make, so let us fast-track you through the process.

It is important to remember that social media does not discriminate. It is a multi-demographic plethora of young and old posting a blur of tweets, shares, and content. The potential to market your business is huge, but you undeniably need to understand how to achieve good results.

For instance, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform on the digital block. About to celebrate it’s 11th birthday, Facebook just passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users. This equates to approximately 3.4 trillion “likes”. That’s a lot of digital love! Imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling you would get from having a portion of that.

Australians currently spend 14 minutes every hour on Facebook, so this is another important reminder of creating content that doesn’t put everyone to sleep. We live in a clickactivist age, so it’s integral to be as engaging as digitally possible.

IYBIs team of digital strategists can work with you to create targeted and engaging social media campaigns that deliver results

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