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Somerset Dental is a dental clinic located on Somerset Avenue, Narellan, NSW. Their qualified dentists are local to the Narellan area, and their focus is making sure that you have a great experience whilst at the dentist and are informed about all the options available to you regarding your dental care. When they asked us to create this website for them, we knew it would be an interesting design challenge.

dentist website design

Our challenge with Somerset was to create a website that would combat the uneasy feelings most have about the dentist, creating a welcoming vibe instead

We know how hard it is sometimes to visit the dentist. We’ve all got an innate fear of it, built in to us by regular visits forced on us by our parents. Unfortunately, now that we’re older and we actually do have the ability to choose not to go, we definitely probably should, cause we’re down to our last set of teeth and God probably won’t grant us another. The challenge was to create a website that would combat these feelings most of us have about the dentist, and create a space that feels both welcoming and transparent.

We needed to turn the way people think about their dentist around, and this starts on an emotional level. It doesn’t hurt that they’re called Somerset Dental – what’s brighter and happier than summertime? (That may not be how it’s spelt, but that’s definitely what we think it invokes.)

dentist website

The site gives you the low-down on all the services that they offer at Somerset Dental Care so that you don’t feel like you’re out of the loop. You can find out about all the different procedures before you even step into the office, and learn a bit about which one might be best for you. There’s even a facility which allows you to ask a dentist a question online. If somethings niggling at you and you’re wondering whether you even need to make an appointment, Somerset Dental’s ‘Ask a Dentist’ service would be great place to start.

We think the website we’ve built for Somerset Dental Care is exactly what you would, and wouldn’t expect from a dentist. But we mean that in both the good ways. It’s clean and white. Exactly what you would expect. It’s bright, friendly and approachable. Maybe something you wouldn’t expect. It’s well organised. That’s something you should expect your dentist to be (or so we hope). And most importantly, the people are smiling. Hang on, is this really a dentist?

dental clinic web design

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