Sorry Thanks I Love You

We love it when a company comes up with a cracker of an idea, so simple and beautiful you want to kick yourself for not thinking it up yourself. This is how we feel about Sorry Thanks I Love You, the gift giving service. Started up by three buddies who reunited in Australia after stints overseas, they decided to bring back the art of gift-giving and to remind us that sorry, thanks, I love you is crucial to all friendships (and relationships – amirite?!) What is great is that the gifts are so beautiful and so thoughtful but it’s still a convenience to the gift-giver. And this is the perfect time of year to do so (no need to elbow people out of the way down at the shops). So what gifts can you give? Amongst beautiful hand-crafted jewellery and leather goods, there’s gorgeous home wares (including Marrimekko who have never worked with an online-only retailer before), flowers, alcohol and cheese. Yes, you can send somebody cheese (and we’re not talking Kraft singles here). And if you need to tell yourself you love you, then you could always send yourself something.

Sorry Thanks I love You

In the gift-giving mood? Head to the Sorry Thanks I Love You website to start browsing the products on offer. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter with plenty of updates on their products and in-depth information on their suppliers. If you’re a more visual person then head to their Instagram and Pinterest to see all the pretty pictures.


by Jaime MacMillan

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