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Humans spend a heck of a lot of time working, so it would make sense that the workplace you reside in be that of an inspired one, fueling your motivation and creativity rather than suppressing it, presenting you with somewhere to dwell in for 8+ hours which banishes happiness and resembles a dark and hellish-looking pit of utter misery. OK maybe not, but at least give your staff a decent chair.  If you are presently working in a place that fits this description, we advise you get out. (Seriously, you need to report that.)  Regardless if you work in a large corporate office or Harry Potter’s cupboard (who managed to do a lot with that space thank you very much) having somewhere that condones cranking up the inspiration and allowing you to feel at ease within the said environment, creates a productive flow on effect, not to mention your well being, which will undoubtedly skyrocket and leave you feeling much like the internal joy you experience when consuming the first few sips of a really good coffee first thing in the morning.

the burning house project
Alas, there is no real template or ikea instruction booklet to get you through this one unfortunately, just your own personal taste and intuition when it comes to the art of furnishing and ornamentation.  In our graphic design studio, the space serves as a visual extension of our collective personality, the objects that fill it seem to weave a complex tale of culture, personal attachment, memory and collection with the object’s significance delving much deeper than aesthetic makeup.  Its sort of like an environmental portrait of our soul which we enjoy on a daily basis.

This socio-cultural method of space and arrangement is becoming a rather popular phenomenon, where we find individuals seeking identity amidst the masses, choosing not to conform to that mass production nonsense, rather desiring what is natural and real.  We see this trend evolving thanks to web sites like, ‘The Selby Is In Your Place’ who documents creatives in their work and home environments, as well as ‘The Burning House’ which captures stuff that individuals would save should their house be on fire (we strongly suggest you Google these quick-smart if you haven’t already).   When it comes to places and spaces, people get really nosy (us included), so we are very appreciative to these sites that allow us to readily snoop around one’s private abodes.  Don’t get us wrong, the idea of decorating a space is definitely not a new one (hello Ikea), with ornamentation dating back to times long before, think Victorian era and the Arts & Crafts Movement.  It’s the concept and the meaning placed behind the objects that inhabit our spaces that we love the most.  More often than not it could be the ugliest looking object or piece of furniture to some aesthetically, but the meaning and significance that dwells within its surface can be the most valuable thing of all.  Surround yourself with things that mean something, not just because the Ikea catalogue said so.  Let the places you toil be ones that are real and make you feel something.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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