Starward Whisky

Whisky. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a spirit worthy of much respect for it is steeped in ancient traditions.

Maybe you imagine a ‘Braveheart’ type character sat on top of a craggy mountain in sub-zero conditions warming their cockles with a glass of the stuff. Oh you don’t? Just us then.


Brewed right here in Australia, Starward have created a smooth, distilled malt whiskey and shaped the taste with the Aussie climate, barrels and barley

Well that idea has been completely wiped out anyway now we’ve learnt about Starward Whisky, brewed right here in Australia. Uh-huh, Australian whisky. Australian distilled Malt Whisky.

Starward’s by-line is “What Whisky Can Be” which opens up the possibility that even ancient whisky can be reinvented.

So what exactly can whisky be? In Starward’s case using Australian barrels and barley, helped along by the Australian climate has created a drop very unique and very Australian.

The whisky is rich amber in colour that’s a balance of pears, raisins, figs with caramel and marzipan. It creates a well rounded, delicious drop. And, you’ll probably want more than a drop.

Looking at Starward’s experience, you can learn many lessons as a business owner: respect traditions but don’t be fearful to create some new ones. Because sometimes going out on a limb can reap many rewards.

Curious to have a wee drop? Head to the Starward website to learn more about their product, as well as to search near by stockists. Both their Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated frequently with all sorts of whisky related news.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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