Street Sliders Branding

Remember when you heard food trucks were coming to Sydney? We do. We remember the very hour, the very moment. 

You already know how much we love food. Humble travelling carts of deliciousness, delivering changing and flavoursome bites to many a hungry local. Food trucks have been big overseas for ages, particularly in places like New York, where wealthy New Yorkers have been known to hire a food truck to follow them at all times, dispensing food at need.

The branding includes the graphics on the outside of the food truck itself, a bold logo, and symbols which bring together the street and street food.

Okay that’s not true, but we all know that New Yorkers are busy people, and they walk fast. Would it be that much of a stretch to imagine, that if you had the money that you would hire someone to tail you, ever waiting and ready with a serving of tacos? All we’re saying is we know what we do would do with a sizeable proportion of our lottery winnings.

Street Sliders is one of the many great food trucks rolling out into Sydney, and they need to tell people who they are.

They want to become your go to option. Of course we’re not blaming you if you sample a few food trucks first, maybe even all the food trucks, but soon you’re going to have to pick a favourite.

The one whose location you check online late on Friday night before dropping into bed, only to roll out hung over on Saturday morning and struggle your way there for a delicious morsel. We’re just saying when you do, it’ll probably be Street Sliders.

They make delicious (we’ve used that word way too much in this post) sliders with names like Sancho, Brick and Smoke, using tasty ingredients like beef, jalapenos and eggplant purée. They also serve shakes, with flavours like strawberry & buttermilk, avocado & lemon, and vanilla & salted caramel! That last one sounds like a very popular and delectable flavour sold at an unrivalled ice creamery we know of. It’s sure to be amazing.

The Street Slider brand needed to pop with all the scrumptiousness and flavour of the sliders themselves.

We did an entire branding project for them, including the graphics on the outside of the food truck itself.

We used a bold eye-catching logo (trust us, that is exactly how your mouth will look in the presence of these sliders), and symbols which bring together the street and the food of street food.

The business cards above are printed on 350gsm Sovereign Silk, paper that perfectly reflects the understated quality of a well made slider.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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