Studio 20/17

Studio 20/17 has come a long way to promote the talent and profiles of Australian and International contemporary jewellery artists since opening in 2008 as an exciting arts hub, workshop and gallery. Within the creative arts complex of 2 Danks Street, Waterloo, the hub showcases gorgeous and exceptional jewellery designs that you’d be beat to find elsewhere.

Studio 20/17

Showcasing the best of Australian and International contemporary jewellery and objects, Studio 20/17 has pieces you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else

Bridget Kennedy and Melanie Ihnen are the duo responsible for creating and working in the Studio, accumulating limited edition series, exhibition and commission works. We reckon that the Studio is better than good, it’s mighty excellent! What a great way to encourage the growth of Aussie and International jewellery makers! While the gallery sits amongst other known contemporary galleries in the area, Studio 20/17 is a fantastic space to show off jewellers’ and metalsmiths’ finely crafted designs.

Fancy a fabricated ring or art design? Studio 20/17 combines art and craft into a beautifully woven handmade ‘one off’ masterpiece that transcends beyond being just an ‘object’ but to that of a cleverly constructed conceptual art piece that you can wear. Artists have made jewellery pieces from plastic spoons, metal, bottle lids, tennis balls, paper, tin, glass, recycled materials, and the usual silver and gold… – is this sounding remotely familiar? Upcycling seems to be hitting the scene once more, and artists are taking the initiative to produce jewellery that is unique to a place, the maker and to the wearer.

Studio 20/17 can design and make a piece for you for any special occasion, regardless of how big or small the job, and are reasonably priced. They also provide a repair and remodelling service for existing jewellery – pretty handy!

Throughout the year, the gallery space holds workshops and artists talks, promoting an active exhibition program for the public. We believe the Studio 20/17 website must be visited in order to fully appreciate all of the brilliant work they do, so why not check out their latest artist designs on the ‘New in Gallery’ page and marvel at the intricacies of contemporary jewellery!

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by Nicole Knuckey

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