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Sunescape is a company that produces a range of summer skin care products, specialising in fake tans and tanning products.

Their tanning range includes items such as high pressure sprays created specifically to work within professional tanning salons, and a retail range which provides for consumers who prefer to get bronzed up in the privacy of their own homes. They also offer associated products such as moisturisers, and bath products to keep that fake tan glowing and healthy.

packaging design

Sunescape wanted this new range to be about summer and feeling good about your body and yourself.

Sunescape asked us to design the packaging for their new range, which we were only too happy to do. They wanted this new range to be about summer and feeling good about your body and yourself.

Trust is very important element when people are choosing something that will be so close to their bodies, so it was really important that the packaging conveyed the honesty and human feeling with which they were made.

Render Illustrations

We created a brand that evokes the feeling of a homegrown summer spent on the beach.

The droplet symbol is a major feature of the packaging design, worked into the shape of an S and coloured in a perfect Bondi blue. The blue complements the brown of the bottle to create a natural, earthy vibe, and the warm tones and relaxed typography create a brand that will feel very at home in anyone’s bathroom cabinet.

Sunescape Tanning Solutions
The range was going through production at the time of designing, which means that in order to promote the range across their online channels they needed a way to depict the as yet non-existent products and apply their new branding to them. We came up with the solution of creating these beautiful renders.

The great thing about renders is that you can achieve a level of clarity and crispness to the components of your brand graphics that is difficult to achieve with photography.We think you’ll agree that it’s almost impossible to tell that they’re not the real thing! They might even be a step up.

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