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Sunescape was born out of the desire to provide clients with the perfect holiday tan. After years in the beauty industry, and unsatisfied with the available tanning products on the market, our clients Matt and Lisa (owners of Professional Beauty Solutions) created Sunescape to address all of the common issues with fake tan – including that horrible orange colour.

We’ve had an emotional connection to Sunescape from the start – we initially created the logo back in 2012 and had just finished rollout of the brand with packaging solutions and beautiful 3D Renders for their range of marketing material. So when they came to us again to design and build their website it was both an honour and a delight.


The website needed to showcase Sunescape’s range of salon and at-home tanning solutions, promote their stockists and have an e-commerce component

The website needed to showcase Sunescape’s range of salon and at-home tanning solutions, promote their stockists and serve as a vertical store with an e-commerce component so that clients could buy online. Most importantly, the site needed to embody the ‘post holiday’ vibe of Sunescape, which would launch as a brand at the Beauty Expo Trade Show in September 2013.

Beauty website
Visual impact and ease of navigation were central to the Sunescape website. With a product entirely dedicated to offering their clients the best service and evoking an emotional response by making them look and feel good, it was only natural to have a user-centered focus that would emulate browsing in a shop and testing products.

It was important to offer an experience that felt tangible and real to the consumer as the Sunescape Packaging sets it apart from competitor products, so a large part of the project was dedicated to  pushing the boundaries of conventional eCommerce layouts.

We explored and tested various ways that customers could browse and filter products, with the final result being a sliding gallery of all available products which can then be filtered down into Professional, Equipment and Take Home ranges and then further into individual sub categories. Customers can also Book a Spray Tan using the interactive Salon Locator. Professionals can also enquire about the Equipment and Salon Only range, as well as register to become a Sunescape Professional.

The experience has also been tailored for responsive devices including mobile and iPad. After a successful launch the Sunescape site has had a steady growth of online sales and a boost of salon owners enquiring to stock and sell the products. It is a true asset to the Sunescape brand.

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by Radi Safi

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