Sustainable Business Spotlight: Tigerlily

As we’ve spoken about in previous articles, sustainability for businesses can have a plethora of meanings. This is especially true for fashion brands. The word ‘sustainability’ itself can be quite complex, is this about the people or the planet? For a brand like Tigerlily, it’s both. 

For Tigerlily, sustainability isn’t a destination, but rather a continuous journey of constant improvement. They recognise that no fashion brand can be 100% sustainable, but they strive to put sustainability at the core of their practice; consistently exploring and addressing their ethical, environmental, and social impact.

We take a look at an Australian clothing and swimwear label that’s putting sustainability at the core of its practice: Tigerlily.

Back in 2015, Tigerlily was one of the first swimwear brands to commercially release swimwear using recycled materials. Today, they still work with the Italian innovators behind ECONYL® – a regenerated nylon yarn made from post-consumer waste. They’ve also become one of the first brands in the world to develop their own recycled swimwear lining, which is used exclusively in 100% of their swimwear.

In selecting our fabrications, we consider the following important factors: the environmental impact of production, how they look, feel and perform when wearing, how they will be cared for and how they might be recycled one day.

Tigerlily collections are designed in Australia and made in India and China. The design process starts with in-house textile artists in Sydney who hand-draw each of their exclusive seasonal prints. They also design their own meticulous hand loom textiles, which are produced the traditional way in India as they have been for centuries.

Materials are important, but they are not the whole picture. Tigerlily also stand for women, children, the planet and equal opportunities for all, taking their commitment to operating ethically very seriously.

Traceability and transparency are key focuses for ensuring sustainable and ethical sourcing. Tigerlily’s team visits each principle factory at least once a year, where they see firsthand the conditions and standards in their tier one factories.

“We have built trusted relationships with our long-term partners and have been auditing our suppliers for more than ten years.”

In addition to supporting craft industries and age-old traditions, Tigerlily have developed a capsule of hand-blocked resortwear pieces in India. This collaboration supports a women’s cooperative in Delhi called Project Thrive – a sewing centre that provides work and training opportunities for women living in slum areas. 

Find out more about Tigerlily’s sustainable policies here.

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