Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher

How great would it be to be the first at something? Or better yet be the only person doing what you’re doing and doing really well? Get acquainted with Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher – Australia’s only vegetarian/vegan butcher. ‘A vegetarian butcher?’ I hear you ask. Yes, it’s a meat-free butcher!

Inside the Newtown shop all sorts of delicious non-meat things are prepared by Suzy Spoon, a vegan-trained chef, who’s also vegetarian. If you fancy some sausages, a burger patty or even a schnitzel- it’s all available.

Despite being named a butcher- don’t expect those weird meat-free products that try to mimic meat- everything made at Suzy Spoon’s is made using natural and everyday products, so everything tastes good and provides different textures, so meal times can be a little more interesting.

Suzy Spoon
Suzy Spoon’s also doubles as a cafe and shop so you can sit in and feast on salads, pies and cakes before buying some produce to take home. Tasty stuff! Get onto Suzy Spoon’s Facebook page to get more information. It’s updated daily with information about specials and new products in store. There are also so many delicious photos on there, that even the keenest of meat eaters could be persuaded.


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by Radi Safi

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