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The team behind Sydney Rubbish Services have been in the rubbish removal game in Sydney for over 10 years, and due to increasing demand and continued growth of solid client relationships they decided to create Sydney Rubbish Services. There’s nothing these guys don’t know about sustainable waste disposal, old furniture removal, and recycling, but when it comes to designing a brand and building a website, they knew they had to seek out the experts. Having already seen some of our previous work for a top commercial flooring company and a self defence school, they came to us already safe in the knowledge that we could deliver the kind of results they were looking for.

As a newly registered business, SRS were looking for design from the ground up, from branding and logo design, to a website and content marketing services. We love getting in with a business at this level, as taking a holistic approach to design, with each aspect informing the other along the way, always produces the most effective and coherent brand identities across both physical and digital platforms.

waste removal website

Sydney Rubbish Services website simply and cleanly presents their service offerings in an engaging and accessible manner, whilst retaining the honesty and warmth of the brand.

The SRS branding is clean, yet bold and friendly, reflecting the business’ focus on honest, friendly service and building customer relationships. The rounded, textured font, in combination with a classic circular stamp logo style, gives the brand  a feeling of authority yet approachability, which is particularly important in such a customer focused industry.

After developing the logo and branding, we began to work on SRS’s digital presence, which began with the design and build of their website. In an industry such as this, the vast majority of customers will be finding the business through online search, so it’s imperative that the website clearly communicates the service offering, the brand values, and stands out from the crowd (in a particularly competitive market).

It’s no secret that photographs of rubbish are generally not the most awe inspiring images, so we knew that a photography focused site was not an ideal approach for this project. Instead we used a robust graphic approach, with a strong colour palette and the development of a set of simple but effective graphic assets that not only add to the overall aesthetic of the brand, but actually help clearly and concisely communicate the services on offer.

The bold orange, black, and white colour scheme evokes industry symbols of authority (hard-hats, traffic cones, construction sites), whilst orange also symbolises energy, vitality, trust and warmth. This combination of the warm brand identity, authoritative colour scheme, accessible graphics, and simple, user friendly interface makes for a website that is practical and functional, and still exhibits the overall character of the brand.

rubbish removal website

We went for a striking yet simple one page design, where all the necessary information and calls to action (CTAs) immediately displayed as soon as a visitor arrives on the site. With the use of graphics to simply explain the service, and the bold CTA with the phone number, most visitors would have all the information they need as soon as they arrived, without having to do any further navigation. This is important when considering that rubbish removal is often a service purchased last minute or spur of the moment. Any calls to action must be clear and immediate.

We wanted to reflect the brands no nonsense approach with a website that effectively converts visitors into customers. With a functional and accessible design, smooth scrolling single page interface, and bold, simple enquiry form, the website delivers the customer exactly what they need, in a manner that fully mirrors the authoritative yet friendly nature of the business.

construction services website

Sydney Rubbish Services’ website simply and cleanly presents their service offerings in an engaging and accessible manner, whilst retaining the honesty and warmth of the brand. The website is the first interaction with the brand that most customers will have so it’s important that it makes an impression.

As is now an industry standard, we also design all our sites with digital strategy in mind. No matter how beautiful or effective a website, it’s not much use unless it gets seen by your target audience. In such a competitive industry, a digital strategy including content marketing is hugely important to move up search engine rankings and stay visible across social media. SRS know the importance of digital strategy, and the combination of the industry and their brand positioning, enables us to have a lot of fun with the digital marketing aspect of the campaign, and we look forward to helping this business to continue to grow and grow.

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