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New Bodies in the Building

We’re happy to announce two brand new bodies in the building!  Rabia & Lauren have both taken the leap, coming on board with us for an exciting new chapter here at DPM.  Rabia, has a ...
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Create. Shape. Mold.

This week in the studio we have gone back a few years to the days of salty play-doh. We have a poster campaign in the works for Enmore Audio and thought we’d give you a ...
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Type design

This week in the studio we are conjuring up some hand crafted and creative typefaces, using found objects such as torn thread, and taking them into the computer. Below you can get an idea of ...
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In prelude to their new Australian album release, the studio is currently working with Monday Records‘ artists ‘Circle’, to generate a holistic look and feel for their debut album ‘The Middle’. Pairing with this is ...
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