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Graphic deisgn for Pure Botanicals

Pure Botanicals Point Of Sale & Packaging Design

Pure Botanicals is a holistic health care centre in Newtown, offering a diverse range of therapeutic services and products for all your health and lifestyle requirements. They have a few different elements making up the ...
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Nothing Like a Little Patriotism

Considering the first public holiday of the year, Australia Day (cue employees applause and employers weep) is fast approaching, we would like to shed some light on what exactly makes Australians the way we are.   ...
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Winning at Life

Throughout the entire period between school and university, the concept of public speaking was plastered into our minds as something that when mentioned, induced sheer terror.  The whole idea seeming to craft a reaction similar ...
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Material Expression

Rejuvenated from a much needed holiday & food coma followed by an extremely drawn out siesta, we felt it only right to reflect on the universally intriguing and more often than not stress-inducing process that ...
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Fluffy Beginnings

We enjoy that fluffy, fresh feeling that appears out of the woodwork as the new year commences.  It sort of makes you feel like doing a spot of dancing or a ‘raise the roof’ gesture ...
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Heaven on Earth

Look what we stumbled upon.  A whole bunch of really awesome looking art/comic strip proofs.  All for less than the cost of a packet of those sweet tasting, sugar coated red clouds found in your ...
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Things Are Getting Festive

Good grief – the festive season is well and truly in motion. Simple tasks like strolling at a leisurely pace through shopping centres or casually scoring a parking spot becomes a fight till-the-death sort of ...
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A Swirly Existence

We are about to go all geometrical on you. In a good way. Can you think of an existence where lines have never been invented?  We just cast our peepers around the studio and it ...
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The Age is Still Golden

Sometimes there is no better feeling than that of immersing yourself in a good film.  The art of cinema going, kicking back on the couch (which may or may not inhabit more pillow than acceptable ...
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Say Goodbye To The Pie

This is a shout out to all you info-addicts.  Everyday, people are absorbing information, facts, figures and general know how, in an attempt to cram what they’ve heard, seen, read and experienced into our little ...
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