Here in the IYBI office we love a good juice. It’s certainly a great alternative to having yet another coffee. We’ve also noticed just how popular the humble juice has become. In light of this ...
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Spud Sponge

“Clean your face with squishy Konjac”  says Spud Sponge, but, what is Konjac?  We realised that konjac is actually very similar to a potato and you use it to wash your face. We were intrigued ...
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Frank Body

It’s no secret that here at the IYBI studio, we love coffee. Some might say we’re maybe a little obsessed even, so of course our ears pricked up when we heard about Frank Coffee Scrub. ...
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We’re very honest with you guys on here and today we have another confession for you: we’re obsessed with coconut water. We adore the stuff, and truly find it helps us through any nasty bouts ...
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