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artist flat catalogue

Reko Rennie – Flat Catalogue

You might have unknowingly stumbled by one of Reko Rennie‘s artworks on a less than upstanding night out on Oxford St. You might have even walked briskly by it on your way to your well-paid ...
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flat catalogue design

Dismantle – 6pp Gate Fold Flat Catalogue

Dismantle is a hair seminar run by the friendly folk at Sweet Caroline hair design.  Sweet Caroline, located in the hearty Melbourne suburb of South Yarra, is an award winning salon aiming to ‘bend the ...
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crown business cards

Crown Hair – Business Cards

Crown Hair founded by scissor experts Kathy Gilbert and Mark Jones, is a hair design studio located in Darlinghurst, specialising in precise, freehand cutting and the art of hair color.  Crown is a company with ...
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business cards

Floodout – Business Cards

Floodout is graphic designer Helen Neville’s design business. Helen creates cutting edge, up to the minute design and advertising for a plethora of businesses, weaving culture, design and art into slices of creative gold -we ...
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