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Tammy Moir is a Sydney writer and medium of spiritual guidance. She helps people who are looking for guidance in their lives through psychic readings.

The range of stuff she covers goes from career and business development, health and future forecasts, dream interpretations, relationships with partners, family and friends and readings for children, so there’s basically nothing that she can’t help you with. In this digital age, it’s even possible to do psychic readings over email!

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There’s basically nothing that Tammy can’t help you with. In this digital age, it’s even possible to do psychic readings over email!

We’ve all been approached by people claiming to be psychics on the street, maybe you’ve even been told the problem with your love life is that you’ve yet to find an honest boy. We may have been told that once sometime ago.

So thanks, Mr Street Psychic, that really helped us realise where we were going wrong in our search for a compulsive liar.

But Tammy Moir is nothing like that. Not only does she have a desk, and an office, but she’s a professional with over ten years of experience, three published books and plenty of satisfied customers.

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It might be the case that you worry about what you’ll be told during a reading.

No one (with the exception of some crazies) really wants to know when they’re going to die, or that they’re going to experience a terrible illness, or that that it will turn out their future husband will one day admit a bizarre penchant for horses and run off to live in Broomehill, in a story that will be splashed all over the news media and bring on an eternal fear of the equine that will have them unable to visit the children’s section in bookstores, and huddling under the covers in terror come Melbourne Cup Day. …Is that just us?

Tammy makes sure that her clients know that they won’t get any news like this at their readings.

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Her clients only get information that they’re ready to hear (trust us, no one is ready to hear about that horse thing), and information that will help them experience their lives in a more positive way.

That’s why we made her website so simple and approachable. Readings with Tammy are definitely not a high drama experience; they just help you get all the knowledge you can about your life situation, so that you can try to improve it equipped with that knowledge.

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