The Club of Odd Volumes

What makes a good business? Is it one that makes profits? Is it one with an interesting product or service? Or is it one that’s based on passion and determination? Of course it’s all of these things but to us, we always love to see a business that fosters a community. Just like The Club of Odd Volumes.

club of odd volumes

Enlisting the help of a rotating roster of artists, The Club of Odd Volumes reproduce their work on clothing and homewares to create stunning pieces

The Club is an online business that sells clothing and textiles with patterns and artwork supplied by a rotation of independent artists as a way to bring their work to a whole new audience. Big claps for them on this idea.

It’s good for the artists and it’s good for them, because customers just have to keep coming back to discover what new artists are being showcased. Dang, what a shame! But it doesn’t stop there because if you are a bit of an artist or a burgeoning fashion designer you can also get your own original artwork digitally printed onto a range of tees and textiles. It’s a great idea for businesses, band merch or special occasions – cue hens and bachelor parties!

Immediately get onto The Club of Odd Volumes website to start shopping online or to enquire about your own personal printing. Their Facebook is very handy for updates and learning more about the artists involved in the current rotation. The Clubs Instagram is understandably crammed with great pics of their stock – so great you can almost hear your purse sighing.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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