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Print is beautiful. As designers, we cannot except that print is dying. But we can accept and we definitely do embrace the capacity of new technologies to communicate some things more clearly and beautifully. More and more when we talk about what can you do to excite and impress people, we as designers are thinking and talking in terms of digital experiences. Can we create a beautiful website that communicates your message clearly and effectively? What about an app that helps customers engage with your purpose?

When is digital design the best option?

One thing we love about digital design is the ability to personalise. People sometimes see the digital world as cold and sterile; they look into a future lined with walls and walls of faceless screens. We feel quite the opposite. We might love to hate Facebook, but could this corporate behemoth which basically feeds on the profits of our urge to connect and forge our own unique online identities exist without the ability to personalise digital content to our favourite selfie (the 14th one). Something else Facebook excels at is building a totally self sustaining world of engagement. Users go in… and they never come out. We’ve all gotten caught in a time-wasting stalking Facebook loop. We’ve all been down that shameful spiral.

As an exercise in the art of personalisation and world building, we designed these individual pitch pages for the Happy Music Festival. The internet and digital technology gave us the ability to create individual urls for each person that Happy Music Festival were going to be approaching, which is rather lovely for that person when they get around to clicking on the link, almost like a handwritten card. It is definitely not about being so crazy that people can’t access you. You don’t want to be that person with the ultra cool website that no one can be bothered to figure out how to navigate. It’s about breaking the boundaries and using the best that technology can give you to really reach out and make contact with your audience.

Although print technologies advance every few decades or so, digital is constantly evolving. Every time a single person, sitting at home at night, tip tapping on their laptop in the semi-darkness comes up with a new way to bend code, or a beautiful new process of interaction, there is a new avenue for users and customers to engage with your brand, which opens up even more paths to progress. It’s a never ending road. Will it end up with Jude Law gigolo robots stalking about the night? While we can agree that these robots were certainly well-designed, which is totally in line with our mission statement, we can’t promise you anything like that in the near future.

 Image source: Samsung Developers Brand eXperience Design

In case you haven’t seen, we’re currently working closely with Happy on their quarterly art, culture, music magazine.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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