The Happy Typeface, Another Custom Font

A lot of personality can reside within just a few a letterforms. A font is often integral to a brands identity, and in some cases it truly makes the brand. As designers we love all aspects of typography, and it’s one of the most important tools of our trade – visual communication.

Typography is a real craft, and requires attention to detail, finesse and a significant amount of patience. Happy is a Music Magazine the newest edition to the IYBI font collection. Read on to hear the story behind it’s creation, and if you want to see how passionate we are about type, take a look at some more examples from our ever growing collection of custom fonts: Swish, Salvesen and Panthony.

happy typeface custom font design

A lot of personality can reside within just a few a letterforms. A font is often integral to a brands identity, and in some cases it truly makes the brand.

We’ve been working hand in hand with the music blog Happy from day one. Whether it be working on their digital strategy, re-branding their website or developing their new print magazine it’s been a thrill to see them grow to become one of the leading music and youth culture publications in Australia. So why not develop a font that is unique to Happy?

The Happy font was developed to evoke the sense of fun and unique energy that the blog has worked hard to cultivate since their days as a pop-up festival back in 2010. How the time flies. So when we thought “Why not develop their brand into a cool custom typeface?”, they excitedly agreed and we got to work.

We designed the original happy logo, and being the font geeks we are, jumped at the chance to turn it into a fully functional font that others can enjoy using. Simple, striking and bold, the brand logo has remained a staple of the blog and an integral part of Happy’s history.

custom font design sydney

The font expands on the concept of the block letters, shaping each character from the uniform shape, and referencing the digital world from which it was born. Five of those letters are simply square blocks yet are easily discernible when displayed in context, such is the nature of our remarkable ability to use written language. This edgy approach has proven to be one of its most popular attractions.

Like the rest of the typefaces we’ve developed the Happy font is available for free download on dafont. That means anyone who likes it, or perhaps is a big fan of Happy, can download it and use without restrictions in their own projects. So far the Happy font has had 7,510 downloads from dafont since November 2015! It’s also worth noting that the Happy typeface features on the front cover of the new Happy Mag.

Happy recently launched a video series of cover songs by local bands, the first being The Stone Roses classic track I Wanna Be Adored. If you’re after new songs and news on arts, culture, and heaps more check out Happy.

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by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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