The Jam Bandits

Spreads. Conserves. Chutneys. Take a peek in your fridge or cupboard and chances are you’ll have a jar or two of the stuff lying around. These condiments are often left discarded and forgotten about and only dragged out when Grandma comes to tea. However, we have some news for you: the world of jam has drastically changed. Drastically changed by The Jam Bandits. Created by two friends, The Jam Bandits make delicious jams, spreads and conserves using all natural, seasonal and locally sourced produce. The results are outstanding and certainly outshine your average jar of strawberry jam. Even the labels are hand drawn and are really sweet. With flavours like mixed berry & lavender, peach & rosemary and orange & ginger marmalade, tea time has definitely been reinvented. It doesn’t stop there because they also produce a little thing called SALTED CARAMEL spread. We love that the pair have taken on an everyday product like jam, which is generally overlooked and have re-presented it to make it exciting to people again. We think this is an ingenious idea that could be replicated with countless of other everyday items which in turn could generate lots of nice little businesses just like The Jam Bandits. You can order all your spreads from their website which they try to deliver on foot from their Surry Hills home because they really enjoy meeting and greeting their customers. If you’re a little too far out of reach then you can pick up and stock up on their wares from the Surry Hills markets.

The Jam Bandits

Time to get jammin’? Head over to The Jam Bandits website to see the full range. They also have some recipes on there like salted caramel ice-cream sandwiches or jam tarts. Spread the love by checking out their Facebook page which has updates on what they’re up to and where you can catch them. They’re also on Instagram which has lots of jammy pictures and a dog in a seal suit??


by Jaime MacMillan

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