The Lemon Tree Project

Have you ever noticed how often variations of the saying ‘When life gives you lemons’ come up? But why are lemons associated so negatively?

Here at IYBI, we offer no fruit discrimination! In fact, we think lemons are pretty great. More so, we think The Lemon Tree Project is fantastic.


Through one simple act, The Lemon Tree Project aim to bring together neighbourhoods across Australia in order to to support sustainable living practices

The Lemon Tree Project aims to change the world, one street at a time. Based on the idea of creating a space in every street for neighbours to congregate and share, The Lemon Tree Project focuses on creating new experiences with the friendly faces down your street and developing relationships with the people in your community.

Through participating in this simple project, you are helping build food security as our growing cities equate to a larger need for food production. All you have to do is collectively plant a lemon tree for the street to share. We’re big believers that sometimes the simplest of ideas have the greatest impact, and The Lemon Tree Project is a perfect example of this.

It did get us thinking though – why should we stop at lemons? Why not support sustainable living by experimenting with different fruits too! Here at IYBI we believe that when life gives you lemons, bake a lemon meringue pie.

So, are you ready to plant some lemons? Check out The Lemon Tree Project’s website for more information and join in the lemon growing revolution. Their Facebook page is full of blog updates, gardening tips as well as inspiration and recipes, while their Instagram feed provides plenty of lemon tinged photos.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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