The Little Flower Farm

It’s always great to see a business that has a real intent, not only operating in a sustainable way but to provide a product and service that is also sustainable. And this is precisely the intent of Lindsey Myra the florist, writer and flower grower behind The Little Flower Farm.

The Little Flower Farm

With the aim of making sustainable, organic flowers available for all, The Little Flower Farm have firm biodynamic boundaries regarding their product

The Little Flower Farm is an urban backyard oasis that provides a positive and sustainable approach to cut flowers with the intent that everyone should have access to gorgeous, organic flowers. Take a glance at the website and you’ll see that Lindsay is serious about sticking to the biodynamic principals that she set out for her business, such as no imported flowers, chemicals or non-biodegradable products. And driving all of this is a devoted passion to not just sustainability but a fascination with flora and the natural world.

The good news is that the The Little Flower Farm might not be so little for long as it continues to grow with Lindsey’s aim to be able to supply all her own private work with her lovely sustainable florals as well as to start retailing to the public.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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