The Planthunter

Plants. We have them in our homes, and in our gardens. We give flowers and foliage to our dearest at momentous and joyous occasions or during times of mourning. But do we ever consider how linked we are with plants and how much we need them in our life? That’s where The Planthunter comes in. The Planthunter is a new online magazine aimed at addressing the relationship between us humans and them plants. They celebrate those connections we have with hope of reminding people of their importance and the need to re-connect with some greenery. And it’s an interesting read. This issues theme is death and what may seem a gloomy topic is actually given so much life and beauty. We think it’s a grand idea and such an unusual one for a magazine to address. It’s great to see a business take a leap of faith and stand out there on their own in a somewhat overcrowded marketplace. Only launched this month, it will be interesting to see where The Planthunter grows.

The Planthunter

Intrigued? Head to The Planthunter website now and get reading their latest articles (you’ll end up on there for ages reading them all). They also have a Facebook page which has lots of nice updates and gives an insight into The Planthunter life. If you’re like us and like looking at plants then check out their Instagram and Pinterest.


by Jaime MacMillan

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