The Red Rattler Theatre

The Red Rattler Theatre in Sydney’s Marrickville is unlike many other venues out there. A haven for performers, musicians, artists, experimentalists, theorists, activists and of course the local punters, it’s a place where Sydney’s creatives can showcase their art, performances and grassroots activism.

Red Rattler

With a strong community focus, The Red Rattler is a not-for-profit, artist-run initiative giving performers of all disciplines a place to do what they love

As a non-for-profit, artist-run-initiative it’s a place where the community is the focus. The two-storey warehouse also has two non-residential artists studios that currently support five practising artists. Born out of a desire to create a legal warehouse venue for Sydney’s creative underbelly, it’s the activist edge that really stood out to us at IYBI.

The theatre is named after the Red Rattler trains. The rattle aspect of their namesake refers to their desire to shake things up, while the colour red is associated with leftist politics and revolution. If you ever wanted to try and figure out a way to give your brand a great name – this is certainly one effective method as they’ve perfectly encapsulated what they’re all about. The theatre is an important venue for the local community and lucky for them there’s always something on. From performances, record launches, dance parties and discussion evenings, it’s a great place for a night of escapism.

Check the website for all upcoming events and to learn more more about what they do. Their Facebook page has plenty of updates and photos of what’s going on.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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