The Urban Beehive

Have you been taking your honey for granted? Did you know that all around the world whole bee populations are under threat of beeing completely wiped out? Luckily there are businesses like The Urban Beehive who are there to lend a hand to our bee friends. Started in 2010 by Vicky Brown and Doug Purdie, The Urban Beehive supports urban bees around Sydney by setting up beehives in backyards, community gardens and rooftops all over Sydney to create happy and healthy hives! Their aim is to help protect local bee populations from threats and to raise awareness in the community. We think it’s great that a cause close to the business owners hearts drove the creation of The Urban Beehive in the first place. You can host your own beehive in your garden by either maintaining it yourself or the team from The Urban Beehive can look after it for you. In addition to this they also provide beekeeping courses and sell locally made honey through a variety of suppliers. Did you know the honey can vary greatly from suburb to suburb so when you buy a jar of The Urban Beehive honey it says where the honey was harvested so you can always try and see if honey from Marrickville is nicer than honey from Bondi…

The Urban Beehive

Buzzing to find out more? Head to The Urban Beehive website for more information on their cause, how to host or where to get some honey. They also have a Facebook page, filled with plenty of updates about their courses and general bee and honey flavoured information.


by Jaime MacMillan

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