Say it as you see it: thirty two point four.

32.4 is a Sydney-based jewellery label created by Anna Brocklebank who makes beautifully delicate pieces out of brass and silver. The name represents the exact amount of silver Brocklebank first purchased, which signified many changes for her.

thirty two point four

Inspired by organic shapes & with a focus on good craftsmanship, each 32.4 creation is made by hand, creating a truly unique and meaningful piece

Leaving a high-pressure job and discovering jewellery making created a light-bulb moment where she realised there was a job out there that could combine all the good elements of her previous profession and merge them with a new found passion.

With a focus on good craftsmanship, each piece is hand made, thus creating something truly unique which also makes it much more meaningful. Inspired by various shapes found in nature all the pieces have a raw and organic feel about them which appeal to a modern girl who is chic, free-spirited and romantic. It certainly makes us swoon! We love stories of those who have taken the leap of faith and it’s safe to say that Anna’s leap has landed her in the right place.

Fancy something new and pretty for your jewellery collection? Make a bee-line for the 32.4 website to browse the range. The Facebook page and Twitter is updated regularly with news, while the Tumblr and Instagram are crammed with photos of inspiration and general 32.4 life!

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by Jaime MacMillan

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