Here’s a puzzle for you: What do you get when two artists combine art and design with function and purpose, then inject it with a lot of fun? TMOD of course!

Run by two multidisciplinary artists Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen, TMOD is a business with a strong intent for the experimental design they output: interaction, personality and experience. We believe you can’t achieve anything concrete without passion and intent and TMOD have both of those things in spades, which is probably why they have such a dedicated cult following (which includes us)!


Interaction, personality and experience are all key elements in TMOD’s intent, shining through in their range of quirky, covetable goodies

The fun and quirky range showcases personality that prompts interaction and creates an experience which generates a lot more usage from the product than it’s initial intention. The girls at TMOD want to trigger emotions, transport feelings and create memories, and not just any old piece of stationary can do that.

Their manifesto is to design without constraints and we love that they are always pushing design boundaries – their ‘scratchie’ gift cards are a lot of fun to not only receive but to give and watch the recipient experience something entirely new. Simply, TMOD just want to make you smile. And make us smile they do.

Want to inject a bit of fun into your life or someone else’s? Head to the TMOD website to check out the range that’s on offer. Their Facebook page is filled with lots of updates on what the girls are up to as well as cute customer photos. Their Instagram and Pinterest is filled with lots of crafty inspiration.

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by Jaime MacMillan

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