Traffic Jam Galleries

You won’t need a Trojan horse to enter traffic jam galleries, but you may encounter a full-sized horse made of chair legs inside. This welcoming art space in Neutral Bay aims to showcase innovative contemporary artists’ work that may have otherwise gone under Sydney’s radar – surprising and delighting visitors with its fresh and eclectic mix of styles and creative interpretation.

The industrial-style building’s interior has been transformed into a gallery and studio, with a monthly exhibition to showcase work. Open to the public from last Thursday, ‘Soft Edges and Hard Centres’ features the work of Rebecca Pierce and Carole Foster, a colourful and thought-provoking mixture of wide-eyed, warming portraits, eye-popping landscapes and peaceful nest dweller pieces.

We think it sounds like the perfect jaunt to stroll around on a weekend afternoon, or to purchase an inspirational piece of art and support a talented bunch of lesser-known artists.

Traffic Jam Galleries
If you’re interested in a piece but aren’t sure how it’ll look in situ, traffic jam galleries gives potential customers the option to borrow the piece for a ‘sleepover’ for one or two nights. And if you want to chat with the artists themselves to hear more about the ideas and motivation behind their style, the morning and afternoon tea sessions provide the opportunity to discuss their work one-on-one and meet some interesting people while nibbling on some tasty home-baked treats.

There’s also the option to commission work if you’re particularly interested in an artist’s style and would like to discuss creating a one-off piece. Or for a more intriguing place to host an event, the gallery is available to hire for a welcoming ambience and to help support the venue and artists.

You can drop by the traffic jam galleries now to see the exciting work on show for yourself, or check out the website to find out more. We highly recommend a visit!


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by Jenny Foster

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