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If you need an ATM for a festival or market event, Trailer Cash have got you sorted. They provide portable ATMs on trailers to event organisers so that attendees don’t have to go off-site in order to withdraw cash. This increases convenience for the general public as well as increasing sales for the stall-holders.

Portable ATMs are a pretty niche market so a lot of business comes from word of mouth, or from seeing Trailer Cash at an event. However visiblity of this nature needs to direct this business to a conversion – a well designed website being the perfect tool. A strong online presence can not only convert potential clients but also boost digital visibility.

trailer cash website

Most of Trailer Cash’s business comes from word of mouth which is great, but as a digital agency we know more than most the importance of a great website

The primary function of the Trailer Cash website is conveying details on a business to business level. They wanted event organisers to be able to find out everything they would need to know about Trailer Cash and how to hire their services for an event, and give them a way to make contact and pass along major event details.

trailer cash website
It is important that organisers can visualise Trailer Cash as an integral part of their event right from the start, so when we did the website design we used images of their products in situ at past events. By making this imagery full screen throughout the site, we introduced a festive, market feeling.

Large navigation and call to action buttons on the home page, combined with a permanent menu at the bottom of the page make the journey through the site easy and enjoyable. This bottom menu persists throughout the rest of the site, and is joined by an attention grabbing sidebar which ensures that product information is only a click away.

trailer cash website
There is a direct contact option on every page, as well as an extensive form on the contact page making it simple for organisers when they decide to engage Trailer Cash’s services.

The final site is bold, engaging, informative and easy to use. It positions Trailer Cash as a professional, approachable company and a vital element of any festival-style event.

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