Two Thousand and Eleven

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We produce a whole heap of postcards for art galleries, museums and artists every month here at DPM. And while we are first and foremost a design company*, our roots are steeped heavily in the production side of the graphic art business. That’s because we insisted from very early on that we would take full responsibility for the finished product. Sometimes that means businesses cards and more recently the entire refitting and design of a recording studio**. Because simply put design is design and when you’re good at it, people tend to ask you to do more of it.

But we digress… This post is purely inspired by the sound of the year two-thousand-and-eleven. Sounds great doesn’t? That got us thinking about dates which then got us thinking about postcards and we can’t help but think about postcards when we think of dates because every January at least one client will put the wrong date on a new exhibition invitation. Ouch! Hey we all do it and particularly if you’re an avid diarist, (we’re talking hand written here), then it takes a bit of practice when entering a new year. It’s fun, exciting and almost scandalous but please people, don’t forget to write 2011, especially because it sounds so cool.

All this thinking got us thinking about some of our favorite work from 2010. While we’d love to publish all of it at some point, realistically that’s probably not going to happen. The work for Monday Records however does stand out and we hope we get a chance to work on that stuff again in 2011.

*Actually this point is one of great contention for we continue to win and strive forward as creative’s but find it nigh on impossible to shake some of the print ghosts. What are print ghosts? Well, that’s an even longer story…

**Okay so our director owns and runs the facility but it’s still a legitimate design project.

by Radi Safi

Radi Safi is the Creative Director at IYBI. In 2012 he launched Happy, a music blog and media company.
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