Underground Cinema

In a society where we love to over-share and nothing is really sacred, it’s nice to have an element of surprise and intrigue. That’s where Underground Cinema comes in very handy. Using their business as a means to drastically alter the pastime of going to the movies, for them the film is just one element of the experience. The ever-popular events are held in Melbourne and Sydney in secret locations with even the film a mystery until the screening! Each event is heavily themed and patrons are advised to be prepared for anything, just like a scout. Previous events have been held in warehouses, ballrooms and even car-parks- we really like how they are taking the cinema out of the cinema and introducing us to places we wouldn’t ordinarily go. The next event is on November 29 and 30 in Sydney and is water themed. The dress code is gumboots and we would probably take that seriously.

Underground Cinema

Tickets for the next event are very limited so hot-foot it over to their website to book yourself in! Both their Facebook and Twitter are updated regularly with information about the latest theme, so keep your eye on those! To get a better idea of what actually goes down at one of these events check out their Flickr which has loads of photos which will surely entice you.


by Jaime MacMillan

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