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Not many feelings come close to the serious joy you experience during moments of unencumbered creativity. Being in the business of ideas, we certainly understand the importance of free expression.

That’s why we are so chuffed to have found a kindred spirit in Magdalena Franco, the talented lass behind the blog The Craft Revival. In Franco , we have found a clever Melbournite capable of making the extraordinary from the ordinary, which is exactly what her newest project Unleash Creative is all about.

As a long time PR/Marketing pro and seasoned crafter, Franco saw a gap in the creative marketplace; while it is easy to find sewing and knitting classes, a place learn those left-of-center skills, such as papel picado (Translation: Mexican Paper Cutting) was lacking. So she decided to follow her passion and bring these skills to the people!

What we love most about this project is the ethos behind it. Much like it’s namesake, Unleash Creative is here to let loose the yarn loving craft goddess or god within all of us, with an inclusive philosophy that is centered on the belief that everyone can be creative.

creative workshop
The project sets artistic souls alight, by sparking imagination and inspiration in even the most DIY challenged among us. It champions craft as a way to relax and disconnect from our hectic lives by bringing together the greater creative community and allowing them to see their world in a new light.

As a travelling event offering full-day, intimate-style craft workshops, Unleash Creative is more than just your run-of–the-mill paint by numbers class. The events are kind of like craft on acid; a totally new perspective offering something a little surprising, a little different and very colourful.

Each event is run by skilled creative mentors and teaches unique crafts. You will get more than just a full day of quality tutelage by attending. You are also provided with tea, sweets, lunch, all necessary tools, supplies, a gift bag and four finished projects to take home. Plus you will gain some new skills, meet some like-minded mates and getting a dose of fresh inspiration. Phew! Sounds pretty fabulous to us.

Because after all, who doesn’t want to have a whole–bunch of brightly coloured crazy fun? No one. So grab your hot glue gun, push your creative boundaries and step out of your box. Crafters unite!


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by Katie Helps

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