Upcycle Studio

Upcycle Studio is a glebe based tiny business endeavouring to teach the world. About waste management. Well, rather, what-not-to-waste management!

Their materials are all 100% “up cycled”. Upcycling is like recycling but cooler. This is because it directly re-uses materials as opposed to these having to be re-processed.


Boasting products that are 100% upcycled, Upcycle Studio makes you think twice about what to throw away and what what deserves a second life

Upcycle Studio’s Social Media is fantastic and the interaction between Jo and her community of UpCyclers is a burgeoning bantering of cool ideas. Their blog talks about such ideas too!

Their recent piece on the up cycling culture in Africa makes us think twice about what’s rubbish, and what deserves second life, and our own over consumption. Jo and her studio teaches us that material isn’t limiting, rather, we are limited only by imagination.

Markets are one of Upcycle Studio’s key interactions. We first discovered these guys at Glebe Markets. They endeavour to be here every month or so, with others depending on availability. Much like a food truck, to ensure you find them, follow their social media. You will also find cool one-offs and have the first opportunity to see new stock as it arrives!

Products are constantly changing as Jo and Co extensively seek out the best up cycled products and ideas from across the globe. At the moment traversing the gigantic sub continent of India to create new ranges and set up ethical supply chains, they are always seeking new opportunities, so give them a shout out and check their range of uber cool, sustainable ideas.

Otherwise see them at their studio, markets, or perhaps even in their up cycle mobile van (check out their cool bat-mobile-esque wheels on their Instagram!).

Their products are absolutely unique. They are great not only for gifts, but for inspirational furniture and homewares. For example, huge ottomans and cushions made out of plastic bags will make your guests think twice about the use of different materials next time they take a seat.

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by Isaac Keatinge

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